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Top story 23 January 2019

Top story 23 January 2019

Over 30 years’ experience in the fleet industry. In-depth knowledge of key issues, from mobility to tax and IFRS-16 to WLTP and RDE2

I generate stories that get my clients noticed.

Current and previous clients include TMC, Alphabet, Arval, PHH AllStar, Overdrive and ExpertEye.





EVER WISH you could find an agency that understood your business from the get-go? One where the faces of the team didn't change every few months?

Leasing, daily rental, accident management, data, fuel, salary sacrifice, grey fleet, BIK, capital allowances: I have produced campaigns and collateral covering all of them and more.

You can expect me to get up to speed quickly. And then stay there. My fleet client relationships are measured in years. More than a decade in one case.


Sunrise? Sunset?


. . . it’s up to you

Turn this word salad into   language   that resonates with your customers

Turn this word salad into language that resonates with your customers

HEADLINES SUCH AS "Business travel set to decline by 25% in next five years" (Sewells report, January 2019) show the scale of the changes the fleet industry faces.

Your customers’ long-held assumptions about business travel are being dismantled by powerful new trends in economics, culture, demographics and technology. But 90 per cent of the business they do this year will be done with today’s travel tools, fuels and practices.

I am neither a techno-freak nor a Luddite. My job is to help you communicate in language that resonates with your customers' future expectations while helping you sell the solutions that work today.

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